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eBee X premium trade in bundle offer presentation

For a limited time, we’re giving customers the opportunity to trade-in their old senseFly drone and get up to $ 4,750 USD / € 4’250 EUR of value toward an eBee X Premium Bundle:

  • eBee X Mapping Drone
  • senseFly Backpack
  • One premium sensor of your choice:
    Aeria X / S.O.D.A. 3D / RedEdge-MX / Duet T / Duet M
  • Included RTK/PPK activation
  • One-year access to online training & senseFly Certified Operator Program

Why Trade-Up to an eBee X?

The eBee X takes all the things you love about your old senseFly drone and improves them, helping you to “Map Without Limits”.

  • Greater Endurance
  • Better Data Quality
  • Simpler Maintenance
  • Wider-range of Sensors
  • Latest eMotion Software

How Does It Work?

image explaining the offer

Offer valid until Friday, December 31st, 2021
Orders must be received by Friday 31st to receive promotional pricing.

*Some restrictions apply. Please contact your local authorized senseFly distributor for details.


Premium Bundle Trade-In

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Eligible for Trade-in

Swinglet CAM

eBee Classic

eBee RTK

eBee Plus

eBee SQ

eBee X

eBee Geo

eBee Ag


Using an eBee X Fixed-Wing Drone to Optimise Hydroelectric Power Projects (Hydro Visio, France)

“Since using the eBee X, our studies are more precise. We have progressed in BIM and can create real 3D models of all our projects – from water intake to power plants. These models make it easier to assess the amount of concrete, earthwork, etc., needed to complete a project. We still create topographic surveys for companies but use our drones to do so. Drones have also allowed us to grow our business and expand into other industries.”

Patrick Alleoud Manager, Hydro Visio