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eBee SQ with Pix4Dfields

Take your crop analysis aerial with this value-packed offer from senseFly and Pix4D.

The eBee SQ and Ag 360 bundle is an affordable and value-packed solution that provides reliable aerial insights into crop health and management. With the eBee SQ, you can collect crop and field data quickly and efficiently, and with Pix4Dfields, you can process all that data and turn it into actionable insights that help save time and money.

The SQ can capture hundreds of acres of information in a single flight and is a smarter, safer way to manage crops at a time when many businesses and communities are struggling.

The promotion comes with the full senseFly Ag 360 bundle for as low as $7,500 USD/€7,000 EUR* (vs. the standard $10,990 USD) and includes:

  • senseFly eBee SQ agricultural drone ($8,490 USD)
  • 1-year subscription to Pix4Dfields (desktop/cloud) ($2,500 per year USD)
  • Parrot Sequoia+ multispectral camera
  • eMotion flight planning software
  • eBee SQ drone carrying case

Offer valid until: Wednesday, September 30th, 2020
Orders must be received by September 30th to receive promotional pricing.
*Excludes sales & customs taxes. Please contact your local distributor for further details.

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Discover the eBee SQ

The eBee SQ is an advanced and purpose-built agriculture drone. It was designed from the ground up to provide precise multispectral imagery (courtesy of its Parrot Sequoia+ camera), large single-flight coverage and integrate seamlessly into the existing agriculture workflows. Because the eBee SQ is compatible with your existing FMIS and ag machinery, there is no need to reinvent how you work. Enjoy all of its benefits with zero hassle or disruption to your existing workflow.

Fly. Know. Act.

senseFly’s Ag 360 is a complete aerial crop analysis system. The precise and timely data collected by the eBee SQ–combined with ground-truthing and agronomic knowledge–drives accurate and reliable insights so that farmers, drone service providers and anyone else working in agriculture can make better, more accurate decisions, resulting in better quality crops, higher yields and greater profits.

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eBee Effect Video Contest WINNER – Pedro Olivares Sáinz of AV3 AEROVISUAL in Mexico explains the benefits that using senseFly mapping drones has brought to his geomatics business.

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eBee SQ

The eBee SQ agriculture drone captures actionable crop data across four multispectral bands, plus RGB imagery, spanning hundreds of acres in a single flight.

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